OPTIONS, OPTIONS, OPTIONS!​ By being one of the original buyers in the Resort, you have the ability to customize your condominium to your specifications - as described above. You will be able to work with us to realize your most desired end result, and also realize the 10% discount in purchase price.

OPPORTUNITIES. This development offers new buyers several opportunites: to build your own custom designed oceanfront getaway, to take advantage of renting out your condominium, or to invest in the construction of the project itself - OR, all of the above, in any combination.

RENTALS: If owning a property in order to rent out is your goal, we are confident any properties rented within the Resort will return 10% annually. We will provide rental management onsite for those owners who wish to rent full time, seasonally, monthly or on a time share basis.

INVESTMENT: This development also offers a very sound and significant investment opportunity. Any investor who works with us will realize a 9% per year, 18% over two years return on any monies invested. Your investment will be backed by actual title in one (or more) of the condominiums, so your investment is guaranteed by real equity.

STRENGTH OF UNITED STATES DOLLAR: As mentioned earlier, Ecuador's currency is actually the U.S. Dollar. Therefore, no currency exchange is necessary when traveling back and forth from the States. Also, due to the strength of the local economy and the weight of the Dollar in labor, services and commodities, the Dollar is nearly three times as strong in Ecuador as stateside. This means U.S. buyers and tourists realize three times the purchase power for each dollar as in the U.S.  This means you can obtain an oceanfront condominium for roughly a third of the cost... starting from  $245,000

APPRECIATION: Ecuador has been experiencing a strong and growing economy. We fully expect the property values along Ecuador's coastline to double within the next three years. 

That's right. We are offering these beautiful condominiums with a 10% discount - for a limited time - to those buyers who purchase during pre-construction. There are many advantages to buying early: you have your choice of location on the property, you can pick and choose your desired materials, finishes, flooring, lighting, cabinets, appliances and fixtures to truly create your unique personalized home as well as limited customization of your floor plan (limited, as many of the existing designs' walls are load-bearing and cannot be moved). You will be able to work with the local architect once a deposit is made and contract signed. Last, buying early guarantees the maximum equity appreciation to early buyers as prices and property values will only increase over time.

The Time is Right!  We are offering a 10% pre-construction Discount!


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